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Part 1 – My new Project : I decided today to learn some new stuff :: #Ansible – #Python – #OpenStack :: and this blog is my diary


today I decided today to learn some new stuff. That’s not a big revolution, but the way I gonna handle that will be new (for me). I have learned most of the things in my life by doing, but in this case, I will do it with more structure.
What do I need first ? I need to know what I want to learn – LOL.
And that’s it : Ansible, Python and OpenStack.
Wooow, 3 big heavy weights when you want to learn from scratch, and I know it is not the best way to learn more than 1 thing at the same time, but I am cheating a bit, I know a bit in all theses themes, some more – some less πŸ˜‰ and that’s why i accept my own challenge.

What does not work for me is : Read 400 pages about it and that’s it. That maybe works for you, but not for me. What I need is a project and a clear definition of done.
And here it is :

Project description :
„Write ansible playbooks to create and configure an OpenStack environment.“
Ok, that sounds cool. And now the definition of done :
„Create a VM in the new OpenStack environment and configure a MTA (postfix) and send a mail with all logfiles to my mail account“

Good so far, but how to start ? I guess that is almost the biggest question. Ah, i got it, i create a blog to post the progress and to put some more pressure to me πŸ˜‰ And later I’ll link it to my twitter account.

What do I need after finding a project ? I need some tools
1. Physical infrastruce :

My laptop
Coffee machine
2. Tools :
I decided to use wordpress for my blog , cause it is installed in less then 10 minutes (incl. download). The theme which I am using right now is the cleanest I found, but i guess I will change it sometimes.

The IDE I gonna use is PyCharm, sure I could use all from VI to eclipse, but i decided for PyCharm, why not ?
Ok, what’s next ? The virtualization tool …. I have already a version of fusion running on my Mac but I want to use only OpenSource and / or for-free tools. That means I’ll use VirtualBox.

Ok, I guess that’s it so far.
Part 2 – Some more thoughts about my approach :: #Ansible – #Python – #OpenStack :: and this blog is my diary

What I have started here is not to show how smart I am or what level of rookie I am. It is more about to show others how I do learning πŸ˜‰ with all my success and failures.

I got the idea from Tobias Gillen, who has written a book about mail encryption in a kind of a diary, and that’s what I want to do also with this blog. A mixture between a funny nerd-diary and knowledge sharing.

I have seen many talks about puppet, networking, monitoring, kanban, unix, java,… and in most cases it was straight forward from 0 to 100 in 60 minutes. The speaker has shown many clean config.files and high level scripts, what obviously was created by a professional. It is good to know how an expert would do that, but it is more important to see the way he/she has gone.

When I want to reach the level of expert, guru or wizard, I have much more to do than listen to a talk on a conference or on a youtube-channel, and if I am able to write configs and scripts on his / her level – I do not need to join that talk πŸ˜€